Matrem Stupri Veneficus Tournament 2013

The Department of Magical Games and Sports invites you to the First Semi-Annual Matrem Stupri Veneficus Tournament! Join us at Dave and Buster’s on International Drive for a series of games designed to test your magical skills.

Representatives from the Department of Magical Games and Sports will begin arriving around 5:45PM for drinks and games. The Ministry of Magic will arrange a table to be ready for a tournament feast at 7:00PM. All competition participants are welcome to join us early or start their evening at the 7:00 feast.

The event host location features a number of different deals, including Happy Hour Specials and a Eat-Play-Win deal that includes dinner and a $10 game card for $17.99+tax.  Join Dave and Busters Rewards Program in order to receive additional free game play!

Please RSVP on Meetup or Facebook

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