The Cedric Diggory Memorial Challenge

On November 10th, compete in The Cedric Diggory Memorial Challenge, in honor of the brave wizard who died at the hands of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named during the 1994-95 Triwizard Tournament.

At the start of the magical maze, you’ll be equipped with a flag and a game sheet to aid you in challenging the twisting pathways. Twenty-three different stations located throughout the maze will help you complete the game sheet questions, find all the picture rubbings, and decode the secret word. Create a team of 3 to 6 people. Be the first team to finish the maze with your challenges completed and win school pride and prizes.

Proceeds will go to benefit high-achieving Hufflepuff students* and to build more corn mazes. Tickets can be purchased at a discount through LivingSocial for a limited time:
Otherwise, you can purchase tickets on their website at least 12 hours ahead of arrival ( or in person the day of the event.

*If there’s anything left after making future corn mazes. (Hint: there will be no funds left.)