January 2014 Meetups!

January 10th – The Book Chooses the Wizard/Game Night

On January 10th, join us for “The Book Chooses the Wizard” book exchange. If you would like to participate, please bring in a wrapped book (used or new, just be prepared to part with it forever.) The books should be wrapped in paper and then a few words vaguely describing the genre or content of the book, like “Mystery”, “Love Story” or “Political Drama”.

*Cheap way to wrap it in paper – flip your leftover holiday wrapping paper inside out and voila! Instant plain white paper that you can’t see through. Please make sure to label all R- and X-rated books as “Restriction Section”.

You don’t have to participate to attend but everyone who brings in a book will take home a new book in return. For further information on the book exchange and for ideas on descriptions, please visit http://www.reddit.com/r/books/comments/174p2a/my_local_library_branch_started_doing_this_blind/

The Muggle Liaison Office and the Department of Magical Games and Sports will be present with games to play during the exchange. Wizard’s favorite like Pottergories, Got Your Conk and Mad-Eye Moody-Libs.

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January 25th – Second Annual Hogsmeade Weekend and Cosplay Day

Join us for The Central Florida Slug Club’s second annual Hogsmeade Weekend! January 24th-26th marks Universal’s Harry Potter Celebration weekend in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Don your wizard robes and join your fellow fans at the theme park! Universal’s Islands of Adventure will host a number of special events throughout the weekend with a limited number of spots open to local visitors. We’ll try to get in on some of the events but even if we don’t make it in, we’ll hang out, ride some rides, and enjoy the atmosphere of Hogsmeade. (Just don’t forget your signed permission slips!)

Actual meetup times will be determined as the schedule for the weekend is announced. We’ll likely do a dinner or drinks meetup later in the evening behind The Three Broomsticks and the Hog’s Head. Please keep an eye on the event page for further details. (Meetup.com wouldn’t let me leave the start time blank, so it’s set for park opening right now.)

Please remember that Universal’s costume policy can be strict at times. If it’s sold in the park, you’ll be fine wearing it. Do not do anything to your face that makes it unrecognizable (no masks, nothing that drastically changes your facial features so you no longer match your l.D.) If anyone outside of the group asks to take your picture, please make sure they understand you are not a Universal employee (they’re usually okay with you taking it so long as you do not try to pretend to work for Universal.) Follow any guidelines given to you by park employees and be respectful to them at all times.

**This event qualifies for Auror Training’s Concealment and Disguise certification for anyone in wizard wear.

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