A Celebration of Harry Potter

What a great weekend at the Potter Celebration at Universal Studios!

Group Shot at the Front Gate

One of my friends asked me what my favorite part of the event was, and I honestly don’t know.

    • Walking into the Starbucks where it was complete CHAOS because there were around 20 of us waiting at the front entrance
    • Our huge line of robed wizards navigating our way to the Expo
    • sdlfkjasd;lfjds DUELING. I missed the actual dueling class, but the mini class inside the expo was fantastic. It was a little section where they put two people in front of mirrors with the instructor (Paul Harris, combat choreographer from some of the movies!) giving instructions via pre-recorded video and a Universal team member helping out from behind.
    • We now have a Slug Club flag that is only one million times better than the flags carried by all of the tour groups visiting (and I must say, our coordinating outfits are cooler.)
    • Warm butterbeer! It’s been over a week and I still crave it. It has the same consistency as a good hot chocolate, but with a flavor similar to the butterbeer topping. It also includes that oh-so-tasty topping we all know and love, so the combination of warm butterbeer and cool topping is just perfect as you’re drinking it. THIS is what I pictured when reading the books!
    • The stars! …okay, so I missed out on each opportunity to see them, but I lived vicariously through everyone else’s stories.
    • WE WERE IN THE POTTERMORE INSIDER. That’s us, second picture down! If you scroll even further, you’ll see a few more members of the Slug Club sporadically throughout.
    • The group pictures! (We look gorgeous, if I do say so myself.)
      Group shot 1
    • The Muggle Wall – This was our opportunity to write down what the Harry Potter series means to us, and to read what other people had to say. Reading each entry was quite touching, with a number of people writing about how the series helped them through a rough time in their lives or how fandom helped them feel like they belong for the first time.
      Muggle Wall

This was also the weekend where we learned the value of a backup plan, as first the bingo game finished way quicker than I expected, as we had way more people than expected meeting and staying with us throughout the day. We also discovered that they closed off the back of The Three Broomsticks, also known as The Slug Club’s traditional meeting spot. We kept trying to go claim our tables at various points in the day only to find that they *moved the tables out* (apparently our traditional tables aren’t good enough for the stars, as fancy couches were moved in for them to sit on. Oh well, they provide us with an amazing weekend and some fun movies over the years, I guess we can give up our meeting spot. So instead we gathered in front of the Hog’s Head, a convenient location for us to go grab more butterbeer throughout the meeting, and headed up for one last ride on Forbidden Journey before the park closed for the evening.

Group shot 2

Thank you to everyone who joined us throughout the day, whether they be club members, organizers from other groups, new members, or even just random fans from around the world that we started conversations with over our mutual love of this amazing series.

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