Finite Incantatem Recap

We had a great time at Disney’s Winter Summerland mini-golf course. The Weasley twins tested a new product called Weather in a Bottle and the miniature golf course was stuck between Winter and Summer. We had to pick so we went with summer.


If was a great course with all sorts of fun elements like snapping clams, a water squirting bridge and a snoring Santa.


We of course took the game seriously and there were no shenanigans or illegal touching to be had like usual meet-ups.




The summer quickly faded into the Christmas season with a difficult ribbon loop hole and a fun Christmas tree.Image




Our new member Derrick won the best score of the day and received a certificate and special golf ball! Congrats Derrick!


It was great to see everyone again and we can’t wait to see you at the next meet up on Monday, May 5th for the Battle of Hogwarts Laser Tag!


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