Care for a Spot of Tea?

Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop store front is now complete (or mostly, one of the cakes is still white) over in Hogsmeade!Image

One of the cakes had an Easter bunny on it, so we are hoping they are going to change the cake decorations for the time of year. But it may just be chance that today was Easter and the decorations matched.


The place is full of teacups and girly pinkness!



Gryffindor butt!


Sorry, Closed : (


The Hogsmeade Station construction is moving along, looks like the archways may be red.


Over at Diagon Alley they are still working on the light posts out by the water.


I put Heather to work trying to get you a photo over the fence and I failed. I will try harder next time!


There is another little green house on the left side now, I’m thinking a food and drink cart maybe?


Here is a shot of the completed Screed and Sons sign. It looks beautiful!Image


Four new trees that will block the back area of the Gringott’s ride.Image

We didn’t see any train movement today and are still hoping to hear the whistle, maybe next weekend. Let us know what part of the London storefront is your favorite!!

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