Battle of Hogwarts Laser Tag


Written by Alyssa Hancock

The Battle of Hogwarts is an event that lives in infamy amongst the magical community. Although it is such a remarkable day in our history, there are many among us who have mixed up the actual date of the event, perhaps as a result of being hit by the Confundus charm. The correct date of this notorious battle actually occurred on May 5, 2014. It was an epic battle waged between the Order of the Phoenix and their long-standing rivals, the Death Eaters.


The night started out with the opposing sides as enemies, the Order and the Death Eaters rooting against each other, hoping to win the battle to turn the tides in their favor. The first fight started at around 8:00pm and waged on for twenty minutes. It was truly a sight to see; spells being cast left and right, friends covering each other’s backs, and foes fighting until the bitter end. After twenty minutes, there was a momentary cease-fire, allowing each side to regroup and prepare for the next match.


As the combatants headed onto sacred ground for their next battle, a new force appeared, trying to strip away the glory from both sides and take it for themselves. This new strange enemy taunted the Order as well as the Death Eaters which was not a wise choice. The two rivals chose to end their feud momentarily and join forces to destroy this new menace that threatened their world.


With foes paired up for the first time in history, the witches and wizards felt invincible, but as the battles began, they could tell that their strength was outmatched. This new group was well practiced in dueling and posed a great threat to the Order and the Death Eaters. After losing three battles, all hope seemed lost and the witches and wizards in battle thought that their beloved Hogwarts would be taken by these newcomers.


During a final battle, a glimmer of hope shone through the darkness. The great witches and wizards decided to ambush their foes and overpower them in a final attempt to take back their school and their glory. In one fail swoop, the wizards surged forward and screamed “For Dumbledore!!!” With the incoming horde of wizards and the battle cry, the enemy was baffled and was swiftly overtaken.


In the end, the Order and the Death Eaters realized that it doesn’t matter if you’re friend or foe, it only matters that you know how to work together when times are tough.  And in the final moments of the battle, this statement rang true as that glorious battle turned the tides and allowed our brave witches and wizards to gain victory and reclaim what was rightfully theirs; the beloved Hogwarts. 




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