One Lonely Gryffindor Snowman


I worry about our snowman all alone on his cake, waiting for the day that his cake gets finished. We shall name him Sherman Lemon! Then today when I went to visit Sherman, he had moved!! Then I realized the top of the cake was kind of shiny and plastic looking. Could this be part of the interactive wands as well? Maybe he skates around on his little cake tossing his snowballs? Why else would his cake look so empty? We will see! Oh, and who put a plate on that chair behind the cake?


So I told you about the fountain topper being on last time and here is the promised photo! I saw on Twitter that the fountain was running yesterday but unfortunately it was not running when we were there today.  : (


The main new thing I saw was the strung lights hanging between the lamp posts. I can’t wait to see this at night!


My Gryffindor counterpart today did some major jumping while video taping to get you this great over the fence view! GO GO GRYFFINDOR!


Over at Hogsmeade Station, they added railings and lights on the building.


This is across from Hogsmeade Station outside Hogsmeade by the new wall covering behind the scenes. What is that giant rock?

They seem to have new merchandise every week which is odd since they will have so much new stuff when the park opens but maybe it’s just a normal getting ready for summer thing?




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