Diagon Alley Lion Heads


Went to Universal on Sunday and they are adding a lot of finishing touches and details! They put up the lions on the outlying wall and are starting to paint them.


But I can’t figure out why they didn’t paint them and then hang them? I was curious how they would paint the ones over the water and saw on Twitter they are using a boat and the painter has to wear a life vest. That doesn’t sound like fun!



They added details in the windows like stacked books and lamps. They also added the clock in King’s Cross!


They pushed back the wall again, which is exciting!  They added steps in some places and raised the temporary fence so we can’t jump up to take pics anymore.


You can also tell that were they pushed the fence back is where this new permanent fencing was put up, so basically they could take down the temporary fence anytime and still block off the area.


The lights went up on the columns and I think all the lights were on in the London facade area.


The sign is up!!!


Well, this is my usual spot to see the Hogsmeade Station progress but it looks like they added a fence and lots of trees. But it’s okay because that means they are almost done!!

I will probably skip going next weekend as it will be a holiday and don’t want to deal with the crowds!




  1. Melanie Hakimipour · May 23, 2014

    The artist (not painter, lol) in pink is my sister! Yay Tiffany, your lions are looking fantastic! And yeah, they would have loved to paint them in a shaded and air conditioned warehouse rather than on a rocking boat in the hot Florida sun. Oh well, it still looks great!


  2. mrp1220 · May 23, 2014

    That’s awesome Melanie, tell your sister it looks great!! I’m sure it was one of the higher ups not thinking about the heat and sweat that made that decision. Thanks for commenting : )


  3. jesshanks · May 31, 2014

    I noticed that day they were adding some of the weathering to the stone under the lions too. But they totally could have done the lions themselves in the warehouse! a friend of mine recently told me she worked under the bridge in Hogsmeade, she said that was fun on the boat… But I’m gonna say it was probably a bit more shady under the bridge :-P.


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