LeakyCon 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ever since I first participated in a photo scavenger hunt at Phoenix Rising (a Harry Potter conference in New Orleans in 2007), I have fallen in love with them. It’s not participating in them so much for me (though that’s always fun), but hearing the stories that come from them – hilarious tales of shenanigans, strangers working together to accomplish a goal with no reward for themselves, and seeing the creativity that comes out in each and every picture.

As a group, the Central Florida Slug Club has run two photo scavenger hunts to date: one during the Quidditch World Cup, and the second just recently during LeakyCon 2014. We’ll make a list of prompts for members (with the requirement that at least one team member be in each picture because, let’s face it, pictures are way more interesting when you know someone in it.) They surprise us each time with these amazing photo responses.  

Prompt 82. “Alas, Earwax” by The Glen Cocos (team consisting of Slytherin Terrea Riggs and Head Girl/Hufflepuff Jessica Griner

Prompt 65. “Slytherin and Gryffindor Kiss” by Ravenclawesome (team consisting of Ravenclaw prefect Elizabeth Buckeye and Ravenclaw Stacey Michelle. What amused me the most about this picture was the commentary: “…and honestly the most awkward picture we took. “Hey…are you a couple? Yes! Awesome….can we get picture of you kissing??? Oh crap, gotta be in it!”

Prompt 80. “Dangers of Hogwarts” by Hufflepuff Ashlynn Webb, Ravenclaw Jessica Matilszki, and Hufflepuff prefect Kara Brown

Prompt 66. “You’re the weak one” by Kelsy Moore (with the added commentary “couldn’t survive the Leaky Weekend.” No worries, Kelsy. We were right there with you.)

Each team had some very fun, inspired and innovative submissions! Everyone should be proud of the pictures they took. First place went to The Glen Cocos, who won the Grand Prize of three homemade Hogwarts Library books made by our Hufflepuff (and acting Gryffindor) Head of House Melissa and 30 house points to Terrea and Jessica for the 2014-15 Central Florida Slug Club House Cup Ceremony. Ashlynn, Jessica, and Kara took second place, winning 20 house points each. The Ravenclawesome duo of Elizabeth and Stacey came in third, with ten points each for Ravenclaw. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone that participated!

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