December 2014 Meetup Recaps

December was a busy month for the Central Florida Slug Club!

1. Our SPEW team collected over a thousand pairs of socks for the homeless!

2. We went ice skating! (When Florida won’t give us a proper winter, we’ll just create one indoors.)

3. S.P.E.W. made Owl Post for Aurors! Through this program, members created holiday cards for soldiers serving away from their families this winter. Krista mailed them to a soldier she corresponds with regularly, who then distributed the cards to the soldiers in his platoon. There were some very creative and fun cards created!

!Rafael with his Hanukkah cardStephanie shows off her Christmas cardKristen with her holiday card

4. We held a discussion at the Winter Park Public Library on “The Great Divide: a House Matter.” The group talked about the four Hogwarts houses, stereotypes, and the psychological effects of separating the students in such a manner. The library and book club meetups are swiftly becoming some of my favorites; we always get some great conversations going about the Harry Potter series at these. This may have been one of the best yet; it became so involved that we actually went over our set time… and didn’t even make it through half of the topics we had prepared! (House rivalries and stereotypes are passionate subjects for Harry Potter fans.)

5. S.P.E.W. held one last project before the end of the year – a toy drive and volunteer day with Baby DJ, a local non-profit organization that collects toys for needy families in the area. In just a couple of weeks, members collected approximately 30 toys for the organization. They brought them to the “toy warehouse” on the last day to donate. About ten members completed a volunteer day with them as well, completing a number of tasks such as sorting toys, acting as personal shoppers for the families who come in to shop at the warehouse, and helping them carry their gifts to their cars.

It’s been a great month (a great year, really!) Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!


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