Book Club Meetup: Prisoner of Azkaban

Words by Terrea Riggs

Pictures by Terrea Riggs and Melissa Penatzer

What a great turnout we had for book club this past Monday! For those of you just joining us, we have been rereading the Harry Potter series every other meeting. This time we discussed my personal favorite, Prisoner of Azkaban.

We met at our usual pub, the Orlando George & Dragon. Introductions were definitely in order this time around; there were so many new faces! It’s always great to meet new people and learn how they came to find our club and their stories of how they came to be in the fandom.


Slytherins, I’m a little disappointed with you lot. I was the only point-earning member in attendance this time! Let’s step it up for future meetings!

Next, we played a fun ice breaker. Slytherin HoH Heather placed names on each person’s back and we had to ask others questions to try and figure out our new identities. The group broke out into a slew of questions from there. “Beast or being?” “Am I a student? A teacher?” “Do I get cursed by Draco Malfoy?” We then went around the room, telling everyone who we thought we were based on the questions we asked. I was impressed by the amount of correct answers, given that a few of them were book-only characters!


From there, we broke into smaller groups to have our discussion of the book. One of my favorite questions for discussing this book is always, “Which memory from your own life could you use to summon a Patronus?” Years after reading the book, I still have no idea what my answer is to this, but it’s always interesting to hear about memories that others would use.

After discussion, we had a round of trivia. This separated the slackers from the studious, with questions like, “What is the name of Lavender’s pet rabbit?” I’m so sorry to my Ravenclaw trivia partner that I let down, between my bad memory and not having reread the book in time!


Once again, those who didn’t read the book (present company included) were shamed with the non-reader sign. (It’s all in good fun. Everyone is more than welcome to attend if they didn’t read the book, as long as no one minds spoilers. Luckily, there was no danger of this with our book being POA.)


Past that, it was a good night to catch up with friends and have a couple of rounds. As usual, it all went by way too fast. So we paid our tabs, said goodnight to our bartender, Sarah, and headed home.


Our next book club meetup will be Friday, March 20th. We are currently deciding on our next book, the winner to be posted soon. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Until then…

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