Accio Books 2015

S.P.E.W.’s Accio Books 2015 Drive Would Make Hermione Proud

A couple of weeks ago we delivered the books we collected this year, thus completing our second year participating in The Harry Potter Alliance‘s Accio Books campaign. Last year, we collected over 300 books and were so proud. It was only our first year doing it plus we started with less than half of the campaign left. We expected maybe 100 books.

This year, Central Florida Slug Club’s S.P.E.W. group was a little more ambitious. When the HPA asked us to set a collection goal, we went for 1,500 books – almost five times what we collected in the previous year. Our team went all out, setting up book collection boxes at their jobs and in local libraries, pestering their friends and family, and partnering with other local groups such as Orlando Nerd Nite and Tampa Bay’s Portkey to Magic. (It really helped that the organization we were working with was one that many of our members were passionate about helping: Impower FL, a mental health and child well-being organization that serves five counties in Central Florida.) Our total this year?


Our minds were boggled. We couldn’t believe how well S.P.E.W. and the rest of the Central Florida Slug Club came together to not just hit our goal, but to double it. Thank you to everyone that helped with this year’s campaign!

Accio Books 2015

Our SPEW team after dropping off the books at IMPOWER”s Kissimmee office. Photo credit: Impower FL (

Facts about this year’s Accio Books:

  • Over 1,000 of the books were collected/brought to our storage volunteers in the last 48 hours of the collection drive, most of them arriving during the closing pizza party/book club meetup. (aka we have a club of world class procrastinators here.)
  • We came in fifth place in the world in the Harry Potter Alliance’s Chapters Cup.
  • Slug Club Hufflepuffs collected the most books this year, with Bryanna Plantier, Jessica Griner, and Rafael Ufret going all out in their collection efforts.
  • It was 91 degrees outside when S.P.E.W. members delivered the books to Impower’s Kissimmee office.
  • It took five cars to deliver all of the books to our final location.
  • Impower expected us to bring them “a few boxes of books,” maybe enough to provide books for two of the locations. Instead, we brought enough to cover all five locations and to add a book for each child into the backpacks they are making up for their current Back to School drive.

If you are interested in helping out with next year’s campaign or to be considered for a potential recipient organization, please reach out to our team at cfslugclub at

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