What It Means To Be Ravenclawesome

When I began the Harry Potter series well over a decade ago, I, like other fans, wanted to be Sorted into a House so badly. We learned a great deal about Gryffindor in the first four books (I came in late enough to read them together), and a fair amount about Slytherin, in the sense that Slytherin was more-or-less defined as “NOT GRYFFINDOR AT ALL”.  We didn’t know much about the Other Houses. The Sorting Hat’s delightful songs, although very quotable, gave us nothing but: “Hufflepuffs are unwanted, yet for some reason still loyal, and therefore have to work hard to be necessary” and “Ravenclaw is for smart people, only smart people…ONLY”. There were not many characters that weren’t rocking scarlet or green; those that were had maybe five lines, collectively, per book (my math may be off by a line or two). So I, of course, chose Slytherin because…screw the whiney Gryffindors.

And then a goddess came down from the heavens in the form of Luna Lovegood. A year after I initially entered the fandom, I finally found my comfy place on the Lovegood Couch of Weird. Read More