A Celebration of Harry Potter 2015: Felix Felicis

For the second year in a row, I attended A Celebration of Harry Potter 2015 at Universal Orlando with the Central Florida Slug Club, the largest active adult Harry Potter fan club in the Southeastern United States, and one of the largest in the country.  While last year was memorable, this year was epic!  Everything went right for me.  It was unreal.  I don’t know who slipped Felix Felicis potion into my morning orange juice, but God bless them.   Luck was on my side.  Here are my luckiest moments of this magical weekend. Continue Reading…

The Legendary Butterbeer Float

Butterbeer float. I heard this term and thought it sounded absolutely amazing. Ice cream AND butterbeer? Divine.

Then I realized you could use butterbeer ice cream and butterbeer to create the sweetest, most decadent treat in all of the Wizarding World.

This item is not an official menu item at Hogsmeade nor Diagon Alley so if you ask a team member to make you one, they probably won’t know what you’re talking about. But it doesn’t stop you from making it yourself! You will need a regular butterbeer, an order of butterbeer ice cream and an extra cup. The Fountain of Fair Fortune is the best place to get these items seeing as they sell both butterbeer and butterbeer ice cream!


The first step is to split up the butterbeer between the two cups. Since most of the butterscotch flavoring is in the foam, you will need to pass the liquid between the cups several times to ensure proper butterscotch taste. Keep in mind, the foam expands while you do this, so you will end up with 2 cups that are 2/3 of the way full. I recommend this be shared because it is quite rich and because it’s hard to eat your float while carrying around 2 cups!


The last step is to split the butterbeer ice cream between the two cups.


YUM! If you are sharing this with someone, it will cost you a little more than $4 each if you use your annual pass discount.


Ta-da! It’s very rich and very sweet but soooOoOO worth it. It would be interesting to try this with frozen butterbeer! It might be a bit harder to mix everything together but I personally prefer frozen butterbeer to regular butterbeer. If anyone tries this, let me know how it is!

Are there any special items that you have come up with at the parks that are not available on a menu? Let us know in the comments! We can start our own Wizarding World secret menu.

Almost Perfect: A Visit to Madam Puddifoot’s

“Oh, there’s a really nice place just up here, haven’t you ever been to Madam Puddifoot’s?” she said brightly, and she led him up to a side road and into a small tea shop that Harry had never noticed before. It was a cramped, steamy little place where everything seemed to have been decorated with frills or bows. Harry was reminded unpleasantly of Umbridge’s office.” – Order of the Phoenix pg 559.

Comparing the description with the new Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shoppe (fake!) store front that appeared in WWoHP’s Hogsmeade recently, it’s freaking accurate. The first thought when looking inside is “Add some cats and Umbridge would be at home in this place.”


It’s perfect, really! Except for, of course, one important factor:


I mean, really, we’ll soon have another place to buy heavy British food (for those of you that are behind on the Diagon Alley developments, you’ll be able to eat at The Leaky Cauldron, where they’ll serve traditional food from the U.K., just as they already do at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and Finnegan’s Irish Pub across from The Mummy.) But there is no place to get a good cuppa. Even if it was just a tiny window where we could walk up and order a cup, we would totally go for that, particularly if they’re willing to offer it iced. (I know, all of the Brits will have a fit at serving it iced, but let’s be realistic – it’s the American South, and Florida to be specific. We like our tea, but drinking hot tea outdoors in Florida in July simply isn’t realistic.) Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a tea shop now where guests can purchase a number of different varieties of tea and get them the normal way or iced. It’s a nice offer to have – the warm tea is a great alternative to coffee and hot chocolate in the winter and the iced tea will be consumed in large quantities during the summer.

And it’s not just tea! Oh, no, there’s cake, too!

IMG_3621 IMG_3620

In addition to tea, Madam Puddifoot’s could sell different types of cake. They could have slices of larger cakes (as pictured above from the Madam Puddifoot’s fake storefront display) or little cupcakes. I can tell you that Harry Potter fans will buy SO many cupcakes if you themed them to the books – Dark Mark designs, a lightning bolt, Slytherin crests, Gryffindor crests, Hufflepuff badgers, even just Ravenclaw-colored icing would go over so well.

Universal Studios, we want to give you our money. We just need more than cheap chocolate and Gryffindor-only items to buy!

New WWoHP Merchandise Alert!


Check out this sweet new Slytherin shirt on the market at Universal’s Islands of Adventure! We found this in the massive store up at the front of the park (to the left as you’re going in, to the right as you’re exiting) back in the Harry Potter section. It looks and feels super comfortable. I’ve seen similar designs on shirts on the Internet before, but can you really have too many house pride Quidditch shirts? I think not. (So yes, that’s my way of telling you that they have these available for every house – just in time to add to your summer wardrobe!)