The Original Slug Club

Happy Birthday to the Central Florida Slug Club!

August 3rd is the Central Florida Slug Club’s FOURTH birthday! On this day in 2012, a bunch of us who began talking on MyHogwarts decided to get together for butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks. Since then, we’ve grown to become a group of about 1,500 members spread out between our Facebook and groups that meets at least twice a month for a variety of activities include cosplay days, book club, laser tag, virtual races, community service and activism, and more! It’s been an amazing three years. I can’t wait to see what the fourth brings!

The Original Slug Club

The Original Slug Club

Slug Club at Kings Cross

The Central Florida Slug Club at Kings Cross on September 1st, 2015

How CF Slug Club Members Show Their Potter Pride

In a recent group discussion we discovered that many of the Slug Club members show their fandom love in some very unique ways.   Many of us have dedicated corners of rooms, completely transformed entire rooms into Harry Potter decor and even display our Potter love in the workplace.   Take a look at some of the very cool Harry Potter home and workplace makeovers from our über creative members.




Lauren’s Potter inspired guest bathroom

Diagon Alley brick wall shower hooks are a nice touch that non-fans may not notice.

Always a good idea to keep the u-no-poo on hand in the bathroom.

Living Room Displays

Some people set aside spaces in their living rooms to display their cool Harry Potter collectibles.   Others dedicate entire rooms creating their own person common rooms.  I’d venture to say the majority of the members of the Slug Club own the books but some of our members own multiple copies of the book series and they proudly display them.   They even collect the books in other languages.  There are creative wand displays, framed quotes, and movie stills on the walls.

Unique Finds

Some of our members have managed to collect some very rare or custom-made Harry Potter collectibles.   Angel has a beautiful hand-made broom from a broom maker in North Carolina.   She also has a beautiful Harry Potter dream catcher and some very unique custom art prints.    Diane had an amazing Hogwarts House table.   It has the Hogwarts crest and the four different house crests on each of the chairs.   Take a look below at some of the most unique Potter-tiques  you’ll ever see.

No matter where we go, where we work, or where we live, Potter fans will always find a way to show off our Potter Pride.

-Submitted by Slug Club Gryffindor, Lauren Gay

Featured members: Kiers Potter, Angel Tellgren, Bryanna Plantier, Liam Mason, Diane Lewis, Angelica Rodriguez, Lauren Gay, and Liam Mason

With Just a Spark of Lightning…

Since the Harry Potter franchise began, all of us have heard stories about how Harry Potter has changed lives. It casted hope, defined a genre in the movie business, and even created jobs. In this blog, we will hear from people just like you whom have had their lives changed as if by magic.

Ashlynn Webb- Hufflepuff:

Harry Potter means the world to me because, when I was little, my parents found out that I had a problem reading. When I got done with tests at the age of 9, they told me I had a reading disability that is called Auditory Processing Disorder. It basically meant that I had problems learning to read because of certain words that I didn’t know how to pronounce. When I got done with tutors for learning how to pronounce words and learning how to sound them out it got easier. When I finally got to middle school I was finally able to pick up the first Harry Potter book and read it fully, while also comprehending all of the words. Since then I have never put any book down! Harry Potter is the reason I read books. Harry Potter taught me that I should not give up on trying to read a book I always wanted to read because of I have a reading disability. That is what Harry Potter means to me!


Micky Christmas Lee- Slytherin:

Harry Potter,especially to those who grew up with it as something brand-new, means quite a lot. To me, it represents climbing trees and escaping to parks not often ventured in order to finish the latest of my source of wizardry. It meant trying with all my might to perform even the tiniest bit of magic, it even meant hiding secrets within my pack from magic-hating Muggles (My teachers). The Potterverse was a new place to explore spells and invent strange ideas– it acted as an anchor to a much bigger /thing/. The Harry Potter series put within me a love of series reading, and a love of a whole entire universe where it was completely okay to be a little strange.


Liam Mason- Gryffindor:

What does Harry Potter mean to me? Harry Potter is more than just books, memorabilia, movies, wands, costumes, or Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. It means more than that to most people too;  The books inspired us, invoked passions, and rattled nerves. The movies transformed us, helped us fly like a Hippogriffs, or become reborn like Fawkes. Even more so, they personally affect all of us. Harry Potter, to me, is more than just a name, it’s a reminder. That a home and family can be more than just relatives or a specific place; it can be where your friends who cherish you gather. It taught me that it is our choices, far more than abilities, that make us who we are and that sometimes, we must make the choice between what is right and what is easy. It means to me, that any book I can get my hands on for the rest of my life will mean I open it to page 394 first, before doing anything else. Harry Potter means to me that even when you think you’re alone, or lost, or in trouble, all you have to remember is that the ones we love never really leave us. It means to me that, despite insurmountable odds and unbelievable disasters, good can triumph over evil. And that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. It’s taught me that the wealthiest and best connected people may not always be the kindest. That the power of a mother’s love can save you more than once. Harry Potter means to me that there is always humor and hope, even when the world is crumbling around you. Finally, the Potter world reminds me that scars, despite the injuries and pain that caused them… will disappear over time and not pain us further. All will be well.


Mandy Kaufman- Ravenclaw:

What does Harry Potter mean to me? One may think that because I am currently in my 30’s that I was too old for Harry when he came out. How untrue that statement is. In a major way, Harry Potter changed my life for the better. I say this because up until 2001 when I was introduced to the series I hated reading, and worse, I hated school. For many reasons, being bullied constantly in the primary grades. I was bullied because I learned a bit differently than my classmates. I was bullied because I had to go to resource room for extra help with reading and mathematics. I was bullied because I was a bit more immature than my other classmates. You name it they bullied me for it. Later on in college the work was very cumbersome. My favorite was theater and it was my major. I had issues memorizing huge pages of dialogue. I had all but given up on school and, the dreams that went along with it. I am one of those people that the world of J.K Rowling changed. If I could say one thing to her it would be thank you. Thank you, for creating Harry and his world. Thank you, for another chance. Let me explain it this way. Because of Harry, Ron, Hagrid, Hermione, Dumbledore, Luna, Moaning Myrtle and the rest I started to read. Not only read but, read voraciously. Through the series I finally learned how to read well and find keys to memorization that I did not have before. Fast forward to 2013, because of Harry Potter I can honestly say I went back to school. Because of him I learned to finally be me and not worry about anyone else. So what have I accomplished? Those on my friends list know I completed not only my bachelors but my masters in psychology with a concentration in education. I actually do work in higher education part time for several years. For someone who hated school went to loving school and reading. All of this is because of a boy with spectacles and his zany adventures. On a side note, I identify most with Harry and Luna. Harry because he had such trouble in primary and found his way later. I also identify with Luna, because of her out of the box thinking and different ways like me.


(And finally, yours truly)

Savannah Mick- Gryffindor:

What does Harry Potter mean to me? I can’t even begin to describe it, for Harry Potter literally saved my life. When I entered my teenage years, my dad remarried and abuse started. My stepmother, stepbrother, and even my own father abused me both mentally and physically. They took everything, including my Harry Potter books, which made me determined to survive. No matter how much they starved, beat, or denied me, I thought of Harry and his cupboard under the stairs. Like Harry, I had my friends step in and get me the help that I needed. Like Harry, I turned out better than anyone ever hoped. Like Harry, I faced obstacles and challenges. I could go on on all day, but the bottom line is, is that the Harry Potter franchise is the reason I am here today. Thank you, J.K. Rowling for bringing the stories of Harry and his friends to life!