Intrahouse Rivalry?

All Aboard the Hogwarts Express for the 2015-16 School Year!

Another September 1st has come and gone. As you may know, September 1st is the day that young witches and wizards throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland gather at Kings Cross in London to hop on board the Hogwarts Express for the new school year. While many of us are well beyond our Hogwarts years, every year on September 1st we still don our Hogwarts uniforms, gather at Platform 9 3/4s at 11am, sing the school song, and think fondly back to our school days.

Slug Club at Kings Cross

Slug Club members outside of Kings Cross on September 1st, 2015

September 1st is always a magical day. We see old friends again…   Seeing Old Friends Again

And make some new ones…

Lauren and Carla Magical Law Enforcement Squad

Rehash old rivalries…

Intrahouse Rivalry?

And rekindle those old school romances.

Hogwarts Romance

Eventually, we made our way back to Hogwarts for old times’ sakes.


In the famous words of Albus Dumbledore: “Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! […] I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you.”

Now time for the feast!


Wait, you’re doing it wrong!


Care of Magical Creatures Lesson (as told from a homework-hating Ravenclaw)

IMG_2135Guest post by Ravenclaw prefect Elizabeth Buckeye

On Sunday March 8th, it was once again that wonderful time for the Slug Club to get together. It was time for a Care of Magical Creatures field trip! Both current and alumni students of Hogwarts and its brother school were invited for the practical lesson. No one is too old to benefit from a reminder in proper creature care.

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December 2014 Meetup Recaps

December was a busy month for the Central Florida Slug Club!

1. Our SPEW team collected over a thousand pairs of socks for the homeless!

2. We went ice skating! (When Florida won’t give us a proper winter, we’ll just create one indoors.)

3. S.P.E.W. made Owl Post for Aurors! Through this program, members created holiday cards for soldiers serving away from their families this winter. Krista mailed them to a soldier she corresponds with regularly, who then distributed the cards to the soldiers in his platoon. There were some very creative and fun cards created! Read More

Book Club Meetup – Chamber of Secrets

Words by Terrea Riggs. Pictures by Terrea Riggs and Alyssa Hancock.

Nothing beats the feeling of being welcomed home. I haven’t been away, I just never get over walking into an event late and being greeted warmly by my wizard friends (and this time the bartender, too!). So even though I had to work at my muggle job at 1am on Tuesday, my trek out to the George and Dragon Pub for book club on Monday night was well worth it. And what better way to set the mood for your meetup at a British pub than for it to rain the entire time you’re there?


Our book this time was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. As much as I enjoy new reads, I am equally excited about our group’s re-read of the series that has brought us all together. There were lots of thoughtful questions and plenty of debate (at least from this table).


As if somehow sensing which book we were discussing this month, my wand broke in half at the meetup, doing its best imitation of Ron Weasley’s during the crash into the Whomping Willow! I hope that Ollivander can repair it next time I am in Diagon Alley.


Slytherin house was not as well represented in attendance as I had hoped, but Alyssa and I made up for it by wearing our robes and best better-than-you expressions. Where did all these Gryffindors and Ravenclaws come from, anyway?!


At one point in the night I had truly questioned whether I was in Orlando or not. The rain pelted down the entire time we were at the pub and I even started hearing more British accents than normal. Had I unknowingly apparated to London?


Perhaps not.

We then broke into smaller groups to compete in trivia from the book for extra house points! While they all did their best at trying, Alyssa and I were the most ambitious and secured the SlytherWIN for the night.


After that we celebrated with drinks, even inviting Dobby to join us.


Once again it was a fun night and I can’t wait to do it all again in November with a new book!

Slug Club Book Club 7/21/2014

On the night of July 21st, many witches and wizards gathered at their local pub, The George and Dragon, to discuss a novel that they had read together….or more importantly in many cases, did not read together. All former houses had representatives at this gathering and only 4 had read The Magicians by Lev Grossman. Those four souls were at a table together to discuss the book and pose questions in regards to it. However, the rest of those fine patrons, this author included, spent the night indulging in the local inebriating beverages, telling stories of years past. All of this was done of course while putting together a rather intriguing game that most of them would play together eleven days later at one of the largest gathering of witches and wizards in the United States, but that will be a time for another post.

However, before the groups broke off many of us told tales of where we were seven years prior, to when the final novel of the series that brought us all together, was brought to shelves. I myself was in a full Luna Lovegood costume at my local Books-A-Million for the midnight release party. I had made earrings out of real radishes, and taken over 20 Sobe drink caps, painted them black and then put gold BB’s on their lids to create my vision of her “Butterbeer cap necklace” as we had yet to see the beautiful Evanna Lynch take the screen as my favorite Ravenclaw. Others had to wait until the next morning to acquire the book, and some, like me, had been at their local release parties. One even had yet to get into the series at that point, yet this fandom which we all call home is so large and welcoming that it matters little as to when you join it, one shall always be welcomed.

Back at our local pub, many of the witches and wizards in attendance seemed to prefer the British imported beverages, while a select few preferred more home based liquid courage. We became a fine oiled machine of paper, scissors, glue, pens and temporary tattoos. The night was filled with fried foods, and a lively discussion focused around a certain Boy Wizard and the world he introduced to us all. Tales of visits to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade along with their most recent trips on the Hogwarts Express left the lips of many in attendance while a local Gryffindor became the procurer of many pieces of memorabilia for those who had not made it to the most recent Grand Opening. Plans were finalized for the gathering in less than two weeks at the large convention and it was only a few short hours that kept our gathering together. While many of us did not actually read the book, getting together with our fellow housemates, former students, friends, was what mattered to us, it was what mattered to me.

I’m always happiest on nights I get to spend with the Central Florida Slug Club, and I cannot wait to join them all at Leaky Con 2014 in less than a week. They are my Potter people, my Potter family, my friends.

Slug Club Cookout!

Article by Justin Landers of Gryffindor
Photos by Terrea Riggs of Slytherin

Summer time. The temperatures are rising. The sun is out, the water is nice, and the vacation time is plentiful. So, how do you spend that time? With those who you enjoy the company of and care about of course! What better place to spend time together than a beautiful park?

That is exactly what we did on Sunday, July 13th. A group of friends, about 20 people in total, gathered at Bill Frederick Park for good food, games and fun. There was BBQ, Kabobs, cookies, cupcakes, drinks, and games. Plenty of laughs, and stories circulated about the new Diagon Alley area. Ridiculous times with “Cards against Humanity” were involved, and plenty of smiles, all while overlooking a beautiful lake!


Post-picnic a small group headed to Universal to continue to marvel in amazement at the new Diagon Alley area, and ride the new Escape from Gringotts ride.

Overall it was a phenomenal day with amazing people. All four houses were represented well, The weather could not have been better, and the company was fantastic. Special thanks to Micky Christmas Lee and Stephanie Shive for hosting and putting together the BBQ!

A Book and a Pub!

20140531_204125[1]It was the perfect evening for a magical gathering.  The day: the 31st of May. The time: 1900 hours. The venue: the Orlando George and Dragon Pub. The book: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (or the Philosopher’s) Stone”. Witches began to apparate from different directions; among them, two wizards! We crossed the portal in between two telephone boxes placed at the walkway to the
pub and joined the rest of the invitees in an area outside the pub, where we could be, more or less, far away from Muggles. Five new witches joined the group, which we warmly welcomed.

Then, our formal event started with a game of guessing the character.  We were all given 20140531_204137[1]
a name of a person (or ghost) from the book and we were to ask up to three indirect questions that could help us guess which name we were given. It was a very good ice breaker, since there were several new faces.  Afterwards, surrounded by beverages and appetizers, we began the discussion of the book following a list of related questions.  It was an amazing time of exchanging thoughts about various events in the book.  20140531_213616[1]This, while, unsuccessfully, trying to convince Matt (or Liam, your choice!) to sing karaoke for us and the Muggle audience inside the pub.  After some more drinks and conversation, we got to our trivia questions! Some of the answers were quite creative, which got the person some points, even if the answer was incorrect.  First, second and third place got the chance of picking a magical price from the Crate of Wonders (as I decided to call it). The witches were delighted with their choices.  We continued throughout the evening in lively conversation, getting to know each other, sharing experiences20140531_214255[1] (and songs) while, again, trying to convince Matt to sing for us as well as others that would like to participate in the karaoke night. That, for house points, but nobody dared. We let that part of the entertainment to the Muggles, which continued with their intense butchering of famous songs happening inside the pub, totally oblivious of our presence.  I wonder if the original artists, should they were magical, would
have the thought of performing the Cruciatus curse on them upon hearing them sing.  But that’s another story!

20140531_214305[1]All in all, it was a fantastic evening full of laughter, stories and vivacious conversations!
Never a dull moment or a quiet event in the Wizarding world! I, and I’m sure others as well, are looking forward to our next meetup.

Until next time…EVANESCO!

Battle of Hogwarts Laser Tag


Written by Alyssa Hancock

The Battle of Hogwarts is an event that lives in infamy amongst the magical community. Although it is such a remarkable day in our history, there are many among us who have mixed up the actual date of the event, perhaps as a result of being hit by the Confundus charm. The correct date of this notorious battle actually occurred on May 5, 2014. It was an epic battle waged between the Order of the Phoenix and their long-standing rivals, the Death Eaters.


The night started out with the opposing sides as enemies, the Order and the Death Eaters rooting against each other, hoping to win the battle to turn the tides in their favor. The first fight started at around 8:00pm and waged on for twenty minutes. It was truly a sight to see; spells being cast left and right, friends covering each other’s backs, and foes fighting until the bitter end. After twenty minutes, there was a momentary cease-fire, allowing each side to regroup and prepare for the next match.


As the combatants headed onto sacred ground for their next battle, a new force appeared, trying to strip away the glory from both sides and take it for themselves. This new strange enemy taunted the Order as well as the Death Eaters which was not a wise choice. The two rivals chose to end their feud momentarily and join forces to destroy this new menace that threatened their world.


With foes paired up for the first time in history, the witches and wizards felt invincible, but as the battles began, they could tell that their strength was outmatched. This new group was well practiced in dueling and posed a great threat to the Order and the Death Eaters. After losing three battles, all hope seemed lost and the witches and wizards in battle thought that their beloved Hogwarts would be taken by these newcomers.


During a final battle, a glimmer of hope shone through the darkness. The great witches and wizards decided to ambush their foes and overpower them in a final attempt to take back their school and their glory. In one fail swoop, the wizards surged forward and screamed “For Dumbledore!!!” With the incoming horde of wizards and the battle cry, the enemy was baffled and was swiftly overtaken.


In the end, the Order and the Death Eaters realized that it doesn’t matter if you’re friend or foe, it only matters that you know how to work together when times are tough.  And in the final moments of the battle, this statement rang true as that glorious battle turned the tides and allowed our brave witches and wizards to gain victory and reclaim what was rightfully theirs; the beloved Hogwarts.