S.P.E.W. Projects

SPEW logo

Mission Statement: A subdivision of Central Florida Slug Club, the goal of Central Florida Slug Club S.P.E.W. is to encourage local citizens to get involved in helping out in their communities. We will accomplish this by creating and organizing opportunities for service and recruiting a volunteer force to build and execute them. Similar to Hermione’s S.P.E.W., we are the Society for the Promotion of Everyone’s Welfare, working together to promote a better world in a variety of ways. If you have any questions or wish to get involved, please reach out to our S.P.E.W. organizers at cfslugclubspew@gmail.com.

Current Projects:

Accio Books – Literacy campaign taking place April 1-May 18th. We’re collecting books for UCP of Central Florida in order to help build libraries at some of their school locations in the Orlando area. Update: Book collection is complete for 2016, but we will be building a literacy classroom for UCP of Central Florida! For information on how you can donate to help this portion of our campaign, please visit http://www.gofundme.com/ucfpliteracy 

Keep an eye on this page and our S.P.E.W. tag for further information as it becomes available! If you’re interested in participating in our community service and activism projects, you can also sign up for our mailing list!


Past Projects:

Odds in Our Favor 2015 – Members of the Central Florida Slug Club participated in the HPA’s Odds in Our Favor campaign, which used the Hunger Games series to talk about income inequality and its root causes. We visited a local farm and a farmer’s market in order to learn more about local foods and the climate effect of transporting foods over long distances.

Accio Books 2015 – Back where it all began for us! We ran an Accio Books book drive in April and May of 2015. Books collected were donated to IMPOWER FL, a local mental health and child well-being nonprofit organization, and distributed to the local families who use their services. Overall we collected over 3,200 books, putting us in fifth place for the Harry Potter Alliance’s Chapters Cup!

Dobby's Sock Drive - Rough Draft

Dobby’s Sock Drive! – S.P.E.W. members collected socks for the homeless from November 1st through December 1st, 2014. Total we collected over 1,300 pairs of socks!

Owl Post for Aurors -On December 7th 2014. the Slug Club S.P.E.W. division gathered to write/create holiday cards for a platoon of soldiers stationed overseas.

Baby DJ 2014 and 2015 – Baby DJ is an effort led by local radio station 106.7 to help provide gifts, decorations, and meals for those who otherwise can not provide it this year. We organize a toy drive and volunteered at their facilities each year.

We are the Districts – this is one of the HPA’s national campaigns. It uses the Hunger Games to start discussions on matters of poverty and income inequality. Slug Club members tweeted pictures of themselves flashing the the Mockingjay symbol and submitted their stories of inequality with the hashtag #MyHungerGames.

Accio Books – this was our first project! Accio Books is a national program through the Harry Potter Alliance that helps provide books to underprivileged and underserved readers. We started the project about halfway through but still managed to collect almost 300 books for the homeless at Orlando Union Rescue Mission



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