Accio Books 2016

It’s that time of year again! The Central Florida Slug Club is proud to announce our participation in the Harry Potter Alliance’s Accio Books literacy campaign.

This year, we are collecting books from April 1st-May 18th, 2016 for United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Central Florida. UCP of Central Florida provides tuition-free charter schools and therapy services for children with special needs. A few of their locations do not have libraries, just a few books in each of the classrooms.

Our goal this year is to collect at least 5,000 books in order to help provide books for the students and teachers as well as to promote literacy at home with the families. While the primary need is for children’s and young adult books, we are collecting books for people of all ages. Books donated that are not suited for school libraries will go home with families in need that use their services.

Current Progress

Want to donate? Drop books off at the following donation locations or email us at cfslugclubspew at to schedule a large pick up.

Further information:

Accio Books 2016 Donation Locations – a full list of our current donation locations (updated March 31st, 2016)

Accio Books 2016 Facebook Event – Invite your friends! Spread the word!

UCP of Central Florida – Learn more about the organization you are helping.

The Harry Potter Alliance  – The Harry Potter Alliance is an international non-profit organization that turns fans into heroes. Visit their website for more information.


Celebrating 15 years

On Wednesday, 9/4, the Winter Park Public Library put on a lovely Harry Potter trivia extravaganza! Members of the Slug Club attended the unofficial event (it did not count for House points) with about 50 other Harry Potter fans from around Central Florida. It was held at the Mellow Mushroom located in Winter Park.

Meg and myself teamed up with my boyfriend, Erik to create the Ravenbrawlers team, while Heather, Melissa and Mallory had their own team named The Order of the Goat. A third team was created with Dory, Ashley and Dominic.

Charming goatsravenbrawlersmallory dory

There were 3 rounds of about 30 questions each. We had an awesome time, and although we thought that the Ravenbrawlers and The Order of the Goat were head-to-head, another team won. I’m going to figure out how they cheated, because the Ravenbrawlers deserved to win, dangit! I suspect a Quick Quotes Quill…..

Here are some questions that were particularly difficult. Can you answer them? Comment with the correct answer, and no using Google!

What was the name of the Slytherin Quidditch player that Draco Malfoy replaced as Seeker in the Chamber of Secrets?
Which four animals is a student allowed to bring with them to Hogwarts?
What was the creature that Luna Lovegood said can be warded off with onion?
What House was Terry Boot sorted into?
Besides Viktor Krum, name the other members of the Bulgarian quidditch team.
What does J.K stand for in J.K Rowling’s name?
What row was Harry’s prophecy located on in the Department of Mysteries?
Where was the first official meeting of Dumbledore’s Army?
What chess piece does Ron sacrifice himself to in order to help Harry advance in The Sorcerer’s Stone?
Who directly preceded Albus Dumbledore as Headmaster of Hogwarts?
What was the name of the student who betrayed Dumbledore’s Army to Umbridge?
What was the name of the location where Harry Potter and Cho Chang had their first official date?
Who said this quote: “You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts … but you cannot deny he’s got style …

The Winter Park Library held other events this weekend to celebrate 15 years of Potter, so if any club member attended any events, please feel free to post your recap on the blog.

Our next meetup is on Thursday 9/19 at Dave and Busters where we will be hosting the first Matrem Stupri Veneficus Tournament. Witches and Wizards will be able to test their magical abilities with games and sports. A grand feast will follow.

Until next time, Wrackspurts!

All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

As you all know, the Hogwarts Express pulls away from Platform 9 3/4s at exactly 11:00 a.m. on September 1st. Now, most of us are alumni at this point (as we are reminded every four months when the owls arrive with requests for donations to the school), but that doesn’t mean we’re any less excited for the start of the new term! This year we decided to get together and grab some pictures at our local train station and the adjacent park, some in our favorite robes and others in their old Hogwarts uniforms. A great time was had by all – we studied, dueled, listened to a lecture on Herbology, climbed a tree, made friends with a squirrel named Peter, and even found some Hogwarts alumnae that may join our group!

Traveling from place to place is always more fun when you have a large group of wizards trying to discreetly navigate muggle areas of the city. I think (I hope!) we managed to make it through without unintentionally violating the International Statute of Secrecy.

While taking the pictures in the park, we had that awful reminder that we are, in fact, NOT in the United Kingdom. While other areas of the Northern Hemisphere are settling into autumn, here it was… well, Florida. It was Florida. An hour outside in robes is really the max that anyone can handle. (This was fun, but we promise the next cosplay day will be in a “winter” month.)

Once we were done in the park, the cosplay group went to Fiddler’s Green, a fantastic Irish pub in Winter Park. It’s not quite the same as grabbing food in Hogsmeade, but the brunch was amazing and service was fantastic! There were a fair amount of muggles there, but they proved to be friendly and open-minded towards the wizards invading their territory. (Anyone who took Muggle Studies in school knows the key to acceptance in the muggle world is copious amounts of liquor… both for them and us.)

At the pub we played some Pottergories (congratulations to Angelica of Hufflepuff and Adam of Slytherin on their victories!) Every time we play that game, I’m always struck by the creativity and memory of some of our members! People kept thinking of answers that I probably never would have come up with if I had twice the amount of time they did.

All in all though, our first cosplay day was a success! Thank you to all who attended, whether it was for the cosplay day, the brunch, or both! We’ll see you all on Wednesday at the Mellow Mushroom in Winter Park for Harry Potter trivia night! (In the meantime, check the Facebook group for more pictures from our cosplay adventures!)