Meetup – Yer a pizza, Harry!

Rather than sitting around the common room, taking turns licking Trevor, we decided to meetup at our local psychedelic pizza joint, Mellow Mushroom.

I’d been looking forward to this since the event was originally posted. By time Wednesday night had arrived, I’m sure I sounded something like this:

We took up a pretty good corner of the restaurant, with around thirty Slug Club members in attendance! After arriving and signing in, we ordered our first round and began to mingle. I’m not sure if it was the first meetup for some, but I was happy to notice a few new faces during the night!

Mellow Mushroom’s house elves were hard at work. It seemed like no time at all before our pizzas arrived!

P1110750     P1110751

So. Much. Cheese. ❤


While there were discussion topics on the table for us to pursue, I think many of us were lost in thoughts of how amazing our food was. There would be plenty of time later to get a pizza our minds. 😉

Food comas were starting to set in. This had to be remedied, and quick!


It was time to wake up the brain and see how we all would do at a word scramble! I’ll admit, I’m not great at these in the best of times, but Jess and I tried to make due.


I firmly believe this is how new spells like levicorpus and sectumsempra were created.

Soon it was time to pay our bills and head out. Our lovely HoHs rounded us all up for a group pic.


Deciding it was too chilly to stay outside for long, we headed back inside to take a few last pictures together and to say good night to all.



These meetups are some of my favorites because there is no agenda tied in. It was a great night to catch up, get to know some of our newer members, and to just enjoy being in a room with so many people with shared interests. If you weren’t able to attend last Wednesday, I hope we will see you at our next meetup!

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